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Triniti is the new line of cues from Allen Hopkins, designed to his championship standards but crafted for the aspiring amateur looking for a great playing and unique looking cue, at an affordable price. Each cue is designed by Allen Hopkins Jr, which makes this line of cues even more unique. What better way for a hall-of-famer to bring his cues to the world than to work together with his oldest son to create a unique identity that will separate his brand from the competition.

The goal was to create a line of cues that would be inexpensive and still play great! By working together, Allen and Allen have created a brand that is uniquely their own.
Where does the name come from?
If you are interested in the origin of the brand name Triniti, it was chosen for several reasons. For starters, it just sounds good. Simple and easy to remember, Triniti Cues is also reflective of the number 3, which has many significant symbolic meanings in Hopkins' life. For starters, Hopkins and his 2 children, Allen and Beau, form a group of 3 when together. Beau was born on the 3rd of the month. Allen Jr. was born on the 12th, which any other numerologists out there may notice that the sum-of-digits in 12 is 3(1+2=3). The number 3 repeats in many different aspects of Allen and Allen's lives…

Another interesting angle on the concept of "3", Hopkins is entering the 3rd phase of his career. From his early days as a prodigy through his years as a fierce competitor, Hopkins successfully transitioned from a player into a promoter as well. Hopkins introduced the world to his concept of merging industry and public with the Super Billiards Expo in 1993. The show is now one of the biggest and most exciting events in the billiards community every year. And now, Triniti Cues brings Hopkins into the industry as a manufacturer and supplier. One lifetime, three phases of career. A Triniti.

In addition to career phases, Hopkins personal life has entered it's 3rd phase as well. Early in his life, Hopkins married his high-school sweetheart, who in turn went on to become the mother of Allen Jr. Although the marriage did not last, Hopkins and Sandy are still good friends, and you may have even met her and her husband Billy working at the Super Billiards Expo. His recent divorce from Dawn, Beau's mother, has sent him into this 3rd phase of his personal life. Now with custody of his son Beau, Hopkins has become a stay-at-home dad and is enjoying the daily pleasures associated with this lifestyle, quite different from the life of traveling the world and taking on all challengers. This 3rd phase, so to speak, is part of Hopkins personal triniti.

There are several other interesting reasons why Triniti and the concept of 3 is unique to Allen and Allen Jr. If you run into Allen Jr. somewhere, ask him about it and he'll be happy to explain. He is the creative force behind Triniti Cues and chose the name as a starting point for the brand.

What is a triskele?
The main symbol in the Triniti Cues logo is a triskele. Pronounced [tris-keel], this symbol is also referred to as a triskelion. As one can see, it is a symbol of 3 interlocking spirals. The symbol appears in many early cultures and in many variations, some as early as 370 BC. The triskele symbol is very common in Celtic art.

The symbol has many different interpretations to it's meaning, but of importance is that it is essentially a representation of the number 3. If you google 'triskele' you will find many different interpretations, such as the following taken from an article by Patricia Saunders:

The Druidic Three Elements
In Druidry: A Green Way of Wisdom, (Weiser, 2006), John Michael Greer explains that revived Druid lore is based on three elements:
  • Gwyar: Representing blood, or fluidity. The source of change, growth and decay, whose image is running water.
  • Calas: Representing solidity. The source of form, differentiation and stability whose image is stone.
  • Nwyfre: Representing the sky or Heaven. The source of life and consciousness whose image is the blue sky.
Everything in the universe is composed of these three elements in combination. It may be that the triskele was a representation of these – the source of all living things - in perfect harmony.

The Significance of the Number Three

Read more at Suite101: The Celtic Triskele Pattern: A Brief Discussion of the Triple Spiral Celts ascribed great significance to the number three. To them, everything of importance occurred in threes – birth/life/death; birth/death/rebirth; the visible phases of the moon (new, half and full); land, sea and sky; the realms of otherworld, mortal world and celestial world. It has also been suggested that the whirling vortices of the triskele represent forward motion – cycles of development, progress or growth – which may in turn be physical, emotional and spiritual.

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