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One of the games' most well known players finally got his own cue!

After decades of being a major player in the billiards community, Allen Hopkins finally has his own cue!
From his early beginnings as a child prodigy (Allen could run, or consecutively pocket, over 100 balls at age 11), to becoming a dominating force on the professional billiards scene with multiple world titles and US Open Championships, Hopkins has a lifetime of achievements in billiards, recognized by his 2008 induction into the Hall of Fame.

In addition to being one of the top players to ever play the game, Hopkins is also the guiding voice that fans around the world have come to know through his role as commentator for ESPN. And if all of that wasn't enough, Allen Hopkins is also responsible for bringing you the annual Super Billiards Expo, the largest consumer-oriented and open-to-the-public billiards expo in the world!

And to think, he's never had his own cue.

Well, of course he's had his own cue, but he has never had his own line of cues! And even better, his first ever line of cues are all custom designed by his first born son, Allen Jr. In addition to assisting with the Super Billiards Expo and creating Run-Out Sportswear, Allen Jr has teamed up with his father to create a line of cues designed for amateur players around the world!

Allen Hopkins' Triniti Cues are a uniquely designed line of cues, created with the standards of a champion and the designs of his son. The goal was to create an affordable yet performance-minded cue for players of all skill levels. If the time has come for you to consider purchasing your first cue, upgrading to a more stylish and better-playing cue, or if you are looking to invest in a piece that is sure to become a collectible, Allen Hopkins' Triniti Cues are for you.

This website is very new, and it is still being worked on in some places… please check back often for additions. if you have any questions, you can call (609)652-6116. Just ask for Allen.

If you would like information on being a dealer, send an email or call Allen Jr. directly at (910)616-5665.

Thanks, we hope you like our cues!

Triniti Cues : The Standards of a Champion, the designs of his son

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